We cannot compare the Haitian today with the Haitian of...

Jojo - May 29 2011, 11:34 PM

We cannot compare the Haitian today with the Haitian of yesterday.

Our ancesters had dignity.

Now, Haitian people do not have respect for nobody, for nothing.

They steal, they do every vil thing.

Before, a young person could not even smoke in the presence of an adult, now, they have respect for nobody.

Children used to take care of old parents, now, they bring them to other country to make them work as slaves.

I find them all the time, crying, lost in the streeyt of NY, complaining about their children.

When Aristide was talking about Charlemagne Peralte, "PERALTEMENT" it was just hypocrisy.

Peralte would die before asking american soldiers to put theirs boots on Haitian soldiers necks.

to impose an embargo on Haiti, to accompany him to return to power.


Those people like Aristide, Duvalier, Preval are the false prophets, that will pay for all the miseries of the poor people in Haiti.

Some Haitians are plain lazy, they get used to asking without a shame.

I never see someone hand over one gourde to my mother when she was working hard to educate us. We all went to public school.

Now, people ask you money to send their children to private school.

The Haitian people is a very difficult people.

I have a feeling Martelly will deal with them. If Washington and Minustha arae pissed, they can build houses to give to them. I do not think the Haitian government can do that now. They have to decentralize Port-au-Prince, built school, hospital and houses for cheap rent in the provinces.

Port-au-Prince cannot handle all the Haitians who left their cities to come to Port-au-Prince.

That is why we have the insecurity, the garbage, all the vendors all over. The houses should not be built in the capital.

Enough is enough.

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