And someone who speaks our CREOLE, someone who have all kind...

Miejo - May 28 2011, 4:29 PM

and someone who speaks our CREOLE, someone who have all kind of Haitians around him, the past and the present ones, someone who is there for US, WE the people, rich, poor, black, white skin Haitians, we are so lucky to have a president who does not have any problem to communicate with the nation, a first lady as princess Diana, a family that every body love, MARTELLY/ROUZIER, the train that we should not miss!
so far he has been a wonderful President.

His plan is for 100 years...

He knows what he wants, for the first time in our nation life, a man stand for the education of the children OF THE NATION, the first time I heard a first lady stand up and said I am the mother of the nation and I have to act as is. for Michel Martelly, education makes all of us equal so this the first time a President said that, he will collect money for Education to be free to all the children of this nation! ALL, ALL, DO YOU HEAR WELL, ALL! NOT FOR THE POOR CHILDREN, BUT FOR ALL, anyone who has Haiti's poverty ON HAND, just drop it. we are a rich country, we cannot accepted that the people occupied this land have to be miserable, and not being educated.



feel free to write me.
We must become the change we want to see - Gandhi

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Prezidan Matrelly is doing fin for those wo want to...

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