Yes, it is wrong to move the people out of the tents without...

Ben - May 28 2011, 8:48 AM

Yes, it is wrong to move the people out of the tents without other shelter.But I don't think the mayor was acting alone.

I don't think he would be the first to move the people without consulting with the President or his administration, although President Martely is not taking his stand rather he approve or disapprove the move.
As for providing shelter for the people, this should be the top priority for the new administration, but the word (Free=Welfare) is not in the best interest of the people and it's not going to go far. The administration should work on building apartment complex in the provinces and partner with private firms to invest in agricultures, constructions etc in the provinces.

this would create jobs and encourage decentralization giving the people a reason to move out of Port au Prince.

Once the people have a job, they could rent at an affordable price to live with their family.

They will have quality schools for their children and health care facilities for treatment.

This would create a strong economy with stability for the people.

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