To the people who support Clinton. Blind Idiots!!! Blind...

Natif .natal - May 27 2011, 2:50 AM

To the people who support Clinton.

Blind Idiots!!! Blind Idiots!!! that's what you are.
It's time to see the light!
Clinton loves Haiti!?

Stop listening to words!!! Look at his actions!!!!
It was Clinton !! The Clinton administration who forced Haiti to reduce the tariffs on rice!!! Haiti went from producing 80% of its rice, to producing less than 20%.

Riceland Farms of Arkansas (Clinton's state) is now the 5th largest rice producer in America (if not the world!!!)
Open your eyes people!!!
Clinton had a very public mea culpa about the rice issue!!! (that was all Bulls

Did anything come out of that?

Did he ask for the tariffs to go back up!! No!!
Did he ask for greater support for the Haitian rice producers??! No!!
What did he do?

He asked for support, (do you know what that is??) Rice donations!! Do you know where the donations come from?

The US buys them from its own farmers!!! (so nothing changes!!)
This free Aid is part of the reason Haiti is producing so much less!!!!
So I say FUCK YEAH!! Clinton needs to de FIRED!! I say Chapeau to Rouzier for having the guts to say that it should be a Haitianno-Haitienne comission that works on reconstruction.

Did you know that in the CIRH out of 32 or so members only 9 were Haitian.

That there were no representative of the Paysannerie at all!!! WTF?

This means that all the decisions affected Haiti were made by foreigners!!! This means that even if all the Haitian members of the CIRH disagreed with something they had no power!!
Haiti is for Haitians
Peyi-a se pou nou'l ye!!! so yeah Goodbye Clinton.

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