Rouzier will fire Bill Clinton? Hum...very interesting for a...

Marjorie Middy - May 26 2011, 4:06 PM

Rouzier will fire Bill Clinton?

Hum...very interesting for a newsletter headline.

This is the drawback of hiring someone with NO political experience.

Haiti does not act alone, nor do the public consider us the
"enfant gate" anymore.

We want equality and equality it is...

No more Bill Clinton, watch how fast the foreign aid dwindles to nothingness...

By the way, we can't replace Minustah with local military anymore that we can fire William J. Clinton, because Haitian money is NOT PAYING for the expenses, but good old USA's is. We can only ACT big when you have sufficient dough in your packet.

At the moment Haiti can't afford this gesture.

The people trusted Martelly wholeheartedly because they think Martelly can get them out of this deep dark hole that they are in. Watch out how fast they would reach for Martelly's throat as soon they understand this is not the case that they have been hoping for.
Martelly, I would strongly suggest you picked your surrounding more carefully.

Rouzier, seemingly has had good luck in business mainly because he had Haitian connection and few gourdes.

The new element now is diplomacy and foreign networking.

Let us hope that he learned very fast for the sake of Martelly's and the people of Haiti.

Can Rouzier handle it?

He is out of his element like a fish without water.

Let us hope that he picks himself up by the boot strap very fast and learned that in politics the less said the better...Action later can speak LOUDER than words.

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