I am so upset about this news. I remember the first email I...

Marlene Burcky - May 23 2011, 3:44 PM

I am so upset about this news. I remember the first email I sent was about construction but a big PRISON like ALCATRAZ.

We need help from under police, FbI to find those peoples.

I am a very religious peraon but, I am against murder but those peoples belong to prison with plain mais without salt and water.

we don't have money to feed them any better anyway and put them to work with big chain in their feet like cleaning the streets, working in constructions, any thing that can benefit the country.

Mr President we cannot have human right in Haiti, anyhow anytime someone is in prison even in the USA this person loose all his right something has to be done, right away ( STAT )
One thing I will add Mr President don't have them kill but have their hands cut off so their feet, after fifty of them knows the consequences this kidnaping and burning will stop

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