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Maxo Louis Jean - May 22 2011, 1:58 PM

I just wanna congratulate mon excellence on his speech on flag day very eloquent but one thing constantly saying and he needs to let it go. the thing about he knows those who don't like him as president i feel he needs to eradicate that piece from his message bcause it sending a negative vibes to the elite and that was the mistake aristide made. so i love you and i believe you will do what they have not done so listen to advise.

one of the things you mentioned dear president is re-construction of the haiti and when we say re-constructing haiti we are talking about re-shaping the minds of our citizens, and if mentalities don't change or re-newed positive change will not be possible.

also please be reminded that haiti is not the problem but "WE" the haitians people are the problem in the land so lets tackle all group to make that change possible.

Next thing i wnna say is, you mentioned about free education, healthcare and so on and i do believe it can be done and the resources that your administration needs to make this dream a reality is within the country, so now you have to be able to convince those who have it.

Encourage your tourism minister to develop attraction places where your government can make money to do the things you promis the people.

look Citadelle, fort jacques and many more they are they doing nothing we can use these facilities as tourist attractions to make money.

what i am sayin is we have lot of resources but we don't utilse them for our benefit.

i believe that our youth need more opportunities to learn a trade or skill, things like carpentery, mason, blumber, tiler, electrian, taylor, barber, cook, designing, these can be short term courses where persons can obtain a certificate or diploma.

i say these things because i see the need to encourage entrepreneurship.

i know that you need the help of all haitians citizens but some don't have the tengible monetary paper to contribute but ideas are another form of contribution to what is needed to be done to bring the country to where all of us desire it to be.

I hope that you gain great insight not only in what i share with you and i am feel sooooooooo at peace when i hera you talking about us Haitians.

God bless you mon excellence la seul diffrence

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Marlene Burcky says...

To Maxo Louis Jean I like very much your advises to the President,If a lot of Haitians like you could do the same it would be a good help But, one... more »