They do not know any better, and must be retrained. They have...

Josy - May 20 2011, 8:57 PM

They do not know any better, and must be retrained.

They have been doing it for years, and need to learn you cannot fool around on duties.

They can play on their breaks, and should have two per day. They are not motivated, and should be given incentives.

They probably do not care about the jobs, because they cannot care for their families on the small salaries but will have a different mentality after a reasonable increase.

You usually get what you pay for, and it is time we start paying those cops enough money so they can send their children to school.

How about some scholarships for their kids?

Medical coverage for their families?


Modest Housing with zero downpayment for good cops?

ETC...You catch more bees with honey my grandmother used to tell us, and ou kimbe poul avec mais.

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