Brother, I do agree with you, but before going too far, let us...

E. Reyme - May 18 2011, 5:16 PM

Brother, I do agree with you, but before going too far, let us define the concept of poor and elite.Our problem must not be seen this way. Both, poor and elite contributed to the destruction of the country.

Remember what the governments of Boyer, Salnave, Aristide, and Preval did to the country in contrast to the so-called elite governments.Both, poor and elite are corrupt, underdeveloped, and deprieved of the sense of reason and critical thinking.Let us find the real reasons of our problems.Are we able to put on a pole the first person who steals, destroy, and mismanages the resources of the nation and execute him/her so others will know they have to respect and protect the "res publica".Are we able to make sacrifice?

Are we able to play by the rule, not under the table?

If the answer is yes, let us go back together and rebuilt.

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For the good of Haiti the poor and the elite need to...

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Brother you are so right, in one word the problem of...

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