No he should not stay in office, he represent the PASS and he...

Ben - May 15 2011, 8:15 PM

No he should not stay in office, he represent the PASS and he is
also a man of NI OUI NI NO as a thypical Haitian of his time. As far as his time of service in that capacity he was well aware of corruption ranning in the EdUCATION NATIONAL after i personally sumitted a letter to him concerning Joel DEROSIER JEAN PIERE THE HEAD ACCOUNTANT Mr LOVINSKY.AND THE DEPT JUDICAL SECTION OF THE EDUCATION NATIONALE THE MONEY MAN FOR THE MINISTER WAS MILOUDI DEROSIER DRIVER.THE FACT ARE THERE AND DOCUMANTE.

As we embarque in a new era of 2011 i will
know if my President is serious about Corruption and justice coruption is there in every Minister and i am sure my President knows it.I am waiting and supporting him the day i c he is distroying those ALCAPONE GAMBINO SOCIETY in our country.

In final i heard the discour of the inauguration i could only say BRAVO, BRAVO,he has say what no other President HAS SAID IN HAITI

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