It is about time that we invite GOD to Haiti, and he does not...

Josy - May 13 2011, 9:30 PM

It is about time that we invite GOD to Haiti, and he does not attend uninvited.

We need revival in the country, and need to clean up our acts. GOD is jealous, so you cannot serve other gods while you are serving him and Haitians do it all the time. They say we are 90% Christians, and 100% vodooists.

President Joseph Michel Martelly needs a lot of prayers, and we should fast. I am Haitian, and know they are going to kill me with black magic.

They are also going to try to poison, and make him sick so he cannot do his job. We need to pray for his wife, children, mom, and other family members.

They will attack the children, and that is what Haitians do best. They cannot save themselves, or do good but when it comes to OUNGA to hurt others they are number one.

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