It is not a secret there are many of our fellow country men...

Cj - May 13 2011, 8:51 PM

It is not a secret there are many of our fellow country men and women who are the topnotch in their career of choice who reside overseas.

From my experience in my career, which keeps me on the go if I encounter an Asian person there also I will find an Haitian.

We are diverse, successful, passionate, strong, committed and creative.

We are a chosen people destine to greatness.

If those leaders of the past took to heart the works of our founding fathers our country would have maintain its dignity.

As for the names mentioned in the article this is a very short list of influential Haitians reside in the USA. The United States Armed Forces alone has more than enough topnotch Haitians and Haitians descent of all ranks to fill up a small island.

I had the privilege of meeting Major J. Bernadel in the mid 90's when he retired from the Army moved from the west-coast to Palm Beach County and his daughter Dominique, cute little girl then attended the school I worked at.I also know he loves our young Haitian-American enough to advocate and restore pride & dignity to those young minds who thought being Haitian is a bad label.

I welcome everyone who is taking this historical moment to make it personal because when a person invested that is when he/she can commit.

Go see the status my country, take inventory, lots of pictures so you can remember and be charged, ready for call to duty, your mission, the commitment you've made to the Haiti yesteryear's to the people of our nation, who look above to God and see if an airplane is flying low enough to land.You and I have always been their source of hope. In God we Trust and In Unity We Prosper.

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