Manie, don't worry about him, i was told my a close friend...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 13 2011, 5:31 AM

Manie, don't worry about him, i was told my a close friend that i call in haiti because he started to get on my nerves with his untrue posting.I've made mistakes sometime in my posting but most of the time other blogger help or correct my mistakes.The fact is, i did not know much about him, i've decided to do some research about him.Well, i was told not to pay any attention to him.Well, i want you to know i am very nozy person cause i always want to learn the facts.Again, i was told he from a family that used to steal mouton ak kabrit nan zon Timache ak Tibe.Don't ask me were is Timache ak Tibe cause i don't know, i assume maybe in the coutry side.
Now, this is my opinion, i repeat clearly it's just my opinion.

My parents always told me, be honest at any time, bad time, good time even if a barrel of a gun is in your face, let's the truth slide in you mouth like Jesus name.
My opinion his, him too is a thief, not only because his parents used to feed him with stealing bounties, schools fees are from stealing bounties, his clothings and shoes as well.
Please, save your energy to takes care of important things for Haiti.



ace critque. li leu pou nou mete tet nou ansam pou nou sauve payi ya.

Mr. Claude the psychologist. Stop your critisms. Instead try to put head together for a better Haiti. Give this guy...

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