ace critque. li leu pou nou mete tet nou ansam pou nou sauve payi ya.

Nanie - May 13 2011, 12:07 AM

Mr. Claude the psychologist.

Stop your critisms.

Instead try to put head together for a better Haiti.

Give this guy some credits and let's go hands in hands to prove, at least, this time, we haitians are concienstious that we have a country with broken bones to put together.

Leave the brother alone...all these machetes business, the CEP, President Preval etc are for the past. They histories now....He is going to be Tet Cale the President by the grace of God. We need to help him. (main dans la main) with his ideas to get our "poorest country in the Western Hemisphere" get back to his feet.Qui leu nou haitien ap mete tet nou ensemble.

Shame on you, sir

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Manie,don't worry about him,i was told my a close friend that i call in haiti because he started to get on my nerves with his untrue posting.I've... more »