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Jean W Philippe - May 12 2011, 4:36 PM

Anyone born in Haiti considers himself a Haitian and a Haitian remains a Haitian all of his/her life.

Long ago when it became evident that in order to stay alive some Haitians had to move away from the country, it was not a move that was welcomed, but it was a move that was necessary.

As you know, we started leaving Haiti because of the political pressure and economic hardship brought to bear under Francois Duvalier and continued up to and including when Haiti was under the leadership of Aristide.

We, the members of the Haitian Diaspora (the ones who left our native land), still have deep feelings towards our country, regardless of where we make a living.

For all Haitians, it IS time to unite in an effort to help our homeland.

Here is a proposal I believe will resonate with most Haitians conscious of the current circumstances:

We need a revision of our constitution.

In order to allow the Haitian Diaspora to maintain a legal connection with the country, to protect the interest of Haitians as a people regardless of location on the planet, we need to revise aspects of our antiquated constitution.

The benefits are:
a. The potential for the creation of political party or parties either within the country or in North / South America, or Europe (wherever Haitians live) that can provide a voice and support to advance the country.

b. Given the exposure received from living in foreign land, many of us have lived first hand progressive government practices and can land a voice and consultative support in fighting political corruption.

Further many can provide either paid or pro bono counsel on developing systems that sustain long term progress.

c. In partnership with those who live in the country we can co-create new perspectives and programs with the support of foreign governments keeping our own interest as Haitians first.

d. The financial contribution of the Haitian Diaspora would not be so undervalued.

Being so fragmented and underrepresented due to fear, the financial outpour of many Haitians living outside of the country could mirror that of the Jews who came together from all over the world to rebuild Israel.

Hollywood Jews like Steven Spielberg or Barbara Streisand join hands with others less known in Germany, Canada, etc. to develop projects on irrigation, neighborhood revitalization, etc. Why couldn

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