Once again, the economic elites of Haiti don't want Haitians...

Toulimen Legrand - May 12 2011, 11:04 AM

Once again, the economic elites of Haiti don't want Haitians in the Diaspora to become president or legislators in Haiti.

We must put aside all political preferences and find away to empower Haitians in Haiti in the days ahead to overthrow this racist policy.

Their reason is this: "They don't want us to sell Haiti to foreign countries." However, they are selling Haiti every day to foreign countries by refusing to create jobs in Haiti for Haitians.

They are the ones who are selling Haiti to foreign countries and not us due to the fact they allow USCIS to destroy our culture in Haiti.

United States Cultural Information Services is distributing money all over Haiti to political groups to create more political parties to divide Haiti more as well as financing cultural groups to renounce the Haitian folklore while singing more RAP, HIP Hop and Rock and Roll and to name a few. They allow the U.S.CIA to kill Haitian dissidents by many and they let U.S. chemical tropical goods invade the Haitian market which is very detrimental to the Haitian economy.

We will reverse this law in the next decade and we should start fighting it now. Get on board now and welcome this law to start fighting for its renewal in the next decade and we will win like Israel, India, Germany, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and just to name a few. Vinceramos!

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