President Joseph Michel Martelly will be reelected, and will...

Josy - May 12 2011, 12:48 AM

President Joseph Michel Martelly will be reelected, and will serve two five years terms.

I do not believe a second term is a motivation for a president to do good, and they can steal enough in five years to last them to the next three generations.

Preval has been there for two terms, and did not accomplish one thing.

He did not build one road, or a community for the victims of the earthquake and he is a clown.

President Martelly will not do the right thing, because he wants to have a second term but has good intentions for his country.

He is probably going to bring us back to the level where we were in 1986 by the end of his two five years terms.

We who are in our 50s can remember a different Haiti under Papa, and Baby Doc. If President Martelly bring us back at least to that level there will be some hope for our beloved country Haiti, and the diaspora can take it from there.

The past 25 years have brought the country back to the dark ages, and hundred of years behind.

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