This congress won't do it because if a president get to stay...

Richelle - May 11 2011, 8:10 PM

This congress won't do it because if a president get to stay for ten years in power in haiti something good will be done.It's too concurrent for them to accept, people now can articulate how things sould be done in haiti and above all diaspora now can engage.This is why these so-called congress say no.They want to keep haiti they way it is to make more money, they are bunch of dogs. Congress work for the people not for themselves therefore haitian people need to march on the street next to the congress place to challenge them on that matter.

I don't see what's the big deal with the two consecutive terms presidential.

Everything sould be re-do in haiti re-elect new congress new senate who wants to work for the best interest of haiti.This congress don't care about haiti if they do they should have accammodate two consecutive terms presidential as law. Haiti needs that for a better recovery.What a president could possibly do for a mess up place like haiti in five years nothing.They know that don't care about it because its never been about haiti always about them. Haiti is haitian:president, congress, senate,mayor, to name a few money machine.

We have to do Something to stop these crooks frm keeping haiti on hold. I can't see haiti on TV anymore with the negative and american media enjoy showing that. Stink mouth, imbecile,kk congress won't do nothing to help sustain the country fk them, impeach them.

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