Mr. Fatton is not a pessimist. On the contrary, what he is...

Jim - May 11 2011, 12:25 PM

Mr. Fatton is not a pessimist.

On the contrary, what he is saying is that you have to open up and look forward.

It is not because the constitution potentially allows the president to run for a second term that he will necessarily be elected for a second term. As well, once first elected, the president will have serious reasons to wokr hard, knowing that he could obtain a second mandate because of his good work. When you understand how governments work and the time it takes after the implementation of a policy to see concrete results, it is usually much more than a year or two. Also, you get better over time at what you do. So, if the person is competent and does excellent work, even with the Haitian traumatism regarding president for life, it would still be reasonable that a second mandate is possible.

Many successfull countries have that in place, why not Haiti?

Continuity of policies become an important factor in this context, which is good for the public servant as well.
Therefore this issue should be revisited in the future to make a second presidential mandate a possibility.


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