I have not checked yet of the authencity of this law because...

Tiba - May 9 2011, 3:52 PM

I have not checked yet of the authencity of this law because as you know Haitians are masters of "Teledjol" fabricating news. Never the less, if this is a true thing, reality, I would say it is a new day for Haiti and all Haitians.

I hope Haitians stop making the presidency post in Haiti as an insult to Haitians because ALL HAITIANS should and must have aspiration of becoming president of their own damn country someday regardless of their social-economic and the family they're from. ALL Haitians should and must have political ambition and the hope to get elected to public office of their country some day.

I do understand there are many other ways one can serve and help their country but it should not be used as an insult for those who want to choose the path of holding public office to do that.

So, stop the nonsense insulting those who have polical ambition as a way to serve their country.

Wanting to be president or an elected official is not what's called in Haiti as "A FOLIE/being crazy" but rather it is a dream, a goal, an ambition that every single Haitian must and should have.

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