I hope President Martelly visit was to not Just recognize...

Jynee - May 9 2011, 2:23 PM

I hope President Martelly visit was to not Just recognize Frere Armand for the visionary that he is, God Bless his soul, but to implement his ideas throughout Haiti.

It is a shame when we have the knowledge and the expertise right under our nose but we waste time and money on foreigners nonsensical and worthless ideas that lead us to nowhere.

a lot of people are not aware of the great work of Frere Armand or Pandiassou but once they know they will understand why some of us are so excited for this visit.

eversince I found about Pandiassou I was so upset that the government has not applied his techniques throughout Haiti.

I am very excited that Martelly knows the project and I sincerely hope that he will tap into the expertise of Frere Armand to revolutionize Haiti Agriculture like he promised.

God sent us the answer to our prayer through Frere Armand a long time ago, I just hope this administration is smart enough to recognize this. we don't need so-called foreign expert with their chemical enhance products, Pandiasou is the perfect example of what all of our province can become.

God Bless Haiti!

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