I read the notes from the "PSYCHOLOGUE" henry claude saint...

Jim - May 8 2011, 1:02 PM

I read the notes from the "PSYCHOLOGUE" henry claude saint fleur, an idiot living in France, regarding the claims that the currently elected president may have said that he would burn Haiti if he is not elected.

The PSYCHOLOGUE, based on information he recalled to have read from a report in 1991 and also about another report of the possibility that the currently elected president could also have been involved in in a coup attempt in 1991 against his friend, Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Incredible, all this, based on the allegations this PSYCHOLOGUE idiot recalled to have read in a newspaper sometimes, in 1991, and has now made the link. He also talked about ninjas and the fact that the ninjas stole and ate rice from small outdoors merchants, and that the currently elected president of Haiti may have been one of the ninjas although he is not sure and blah blab blah and blah blah blah.
Really, this is why there should be someone to monitor this site and stop idiot like this PSYCHOLOGUE (he says he is) from writing bargabe on this site for other to read. If you are truly a Psychologist, you would at least understand that if you are to make those type of allegations and accusations, at least, give exact references so that others could verify them. On account of what you have written, it is obvious that you are raging a campaing against Mr. Martelly hoping to create negative views of him. This is so childish and stupid and your approach is not even working.

You are creating rumors, rumors as it was the way to damage people long ago in Haiti.

If you want to criticize someone, state what he or she has done or said with irrefutable proof and then criticize, that's fine. But, what you are doing now is just plainly stupid and people like you should be stopped from abusing this forum.

You are not intelligent and what you are doing is petty.

Go look into the mirroir or go take a walk in the park and try to find youself.

Better, go see a real mental health professional as you might need the help actually.

You are either an idiot or a basket case and in any event, you need help. So, stop it.



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