The fact that foreign donors trust NGOs more than they trust...

Etienne - May 7 2011, 5:30 PM

The fact that foreign donors trust NGOs more than they trust the Haitian government should be a lesson learned for the new administration of President Martelly.

It is a shame that things are the way they are but it is what it is, the Haitian government (past and present) brought this stigma upon itself and the country.

Hopefully, President Martelly will have the support of the Haitian Legislators and Business leaders to reverse that trend.

Our elected leaders need to keep their eyes on the ball and keep in mind that it is not about them, not about enriching their bank accounts; it is about Haiti and the Haitian people who are still suffering.

Yes, I understand that the NGOs are needed in Haiti because for the most part they are filling a void and doing good work for the people.

They must also respect that Haiti is a free country, has an elected government and should always work in concert with the government and not do anything to undermine that fact.

President Martelly has his work cut out for him, I am hopeful that he can bring real change to the way business is conducted in the country.

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