Essentially, Al-Jazeera is an Arabic perspective of world...

Jim Egalite - May 7 2011, 4:16 PM

Essentially, Al-Jazeera is an Arabic perspective of world politics.

It supports the Islamic Empire view of the world just like Bin Laden did and would like to shoot down anything that seems to share or defend the western cherished values such as democracy, individual freedom, personal responsibility, tolerance of difference and of religion, the rule of law, individual conscience etc. and by extension, the US and western countries, all values the Islamic world are fighting against.

With the democratic election of Martelly, this goes against the Islamic view of things as supported by Al-Jazeera.

Yes, the Haitians fundamentally support democracy and although poor, they seem to want to abide by those values.

Raising issues about Lavalas is just a way to show that others (the US) are controling us, as it was well know that the US are against Aristide and his tribal approach to politics and all the bad things he did in Haiti.

Now, since the free press available to Al-Jazeera in the West, we still welcome their views, eventhough it is totally unfounded and has no basis in reality.

In the Arabic and Islamic world, Al-Jazeera has lots of problem to comments freely and this is the values systems they would like to see in Haiti.

We understand the context of Al-Jazeera's message and should not give it much credence or importance to it.


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This is ignorant news media propaganda. Those of us...

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