Toulimen, welcome back. Those guys don't have any pride at...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 6 2011, 5:56 PM

Toulimen, welcome back.
Those guys don't have any pride at all.He is a crook and i have good info about them, one of them pretend to have a nervous breakdown and die of an heart attack, one escape to Canada after resigning and him"Dorsinvil" want to resign. yon pignaj?

We need justice, good justice to teach them a good lesson once for all.
They don't care about Haiti, they always destroy the country and at the end they just leave the country with their pockets full of cash.
We need to have legal professional assassins to send after them where they go, we should go after them and kill them in cold blood.

They steal the country in cold blood, therefore they should die the same way.
If we don't take care that problem in the right way Haiti will always have sucker like those guys to suck more the country.

A thief will alway be a thief not matter how you punish them.

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Resignation or not the perpetrators of stolen votes...

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