We need organizations that will teach us how to fish, and not...

Josy - May 6 2011, 5:23 PM

We need organizations that will teach us how to fish, and not give us free fish in the cans...I trust that President Martelly is going to put order in the country, and the NGOs maybe might have a small place in Haiti.

They now have too much power, and it should be stopped.

They should report to the President, and not the other way around.

We need organizations that will help us sell our products, and crafts overseas.

We have so many beautiful things, and I have them all over my house.

We can teach the younger generation how to paint, and do crafts.

We need to seel our produce overseas, and have nice fruits.

We can dry them in a very sanitary environment, and sell them. Have you seen the price of dry fruit at Walmart?

They can teach young ladies how to sew, and give them sewing machines.

They are so many things the NGOs can do to help us help ourselves, and giving us dead food is not one of them. I like dry mangoes, and buy them all the time. The Haitians need to learn how to do it, and preserve it. Walmart is full of dry fruits from Asia, and coconut is very healthy for the body.

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