However many NGOs there are. Maybe 400 have registered with...

Alister Wm Macintyre - May 6 2011, 12:53 PM

However many NGOs there are.
Maybe 400 have registered with the Ministry of Plan (I have a copy of the list some place ...

I got it from HAW, which got it during one of their audits of which NGOs were ACTUALLY doing what they say they doing in Haiti, which was NONE of the big ones which got audited)
Maybe 100 actually work in the UN clusters.

They are listed in my "Haiti Aid Info Navigation Guide" available here:

Once there is enforcement of registration with the Ministry of Plan, which also needs to include registration of: GO's in international community, international NGOs, mom+pop NGOs, and grassroots Haitian NGOs,

there needs to be a mapping of which NGOs are working where, allegedly doing what. (fighting cholera, building transitional housing, feeding the children, whatever) Also ask if they are (allegedly) working with some cooperation effort (such as HEAS, UN clusters, DINEPA or other Gov of Haiti Ministry)

The technology already exists (see "Map Directory" at above link) for NGO personnel to use crowd sourcing as part of the registration process.

We can then see which NGOs are working in same type of area, and the scale of their resources and personnel devoted to that area (e.g. fighting cholera in the mountain villages) so everyone sees which areas have massive duplication, and which have gaps, which cooperation efforts are working, and which are dysfunctional.

The larger NGOs which are not working with a cooperation effort should be asked how come, with the answers made public.

The cooperation efforts which are dysfunctional should be asked to explain themselves to Martelly and Parliament, with the answers made public.

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Part of the problem is Haiti is a WEAK GOVERNMENT...

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