WHO GIVES A F...WHAT ALJEZEERA HAS TO SAY? It is none of their...

Josy - May 5 2011, 9:25 PM


It is none of their business, and President Martelly was elected for the position by Haitians.

They need to worry about their own problems, and stop abusing their women.

Haiti has problems, but President Martelly is not one of them and he is a solution.

Do you think the Arab's world would care about our newspapers' reports on them?

How dare they?

What have they done for Haiti lately with their billions in oil money?

They just want to spread their religion all over the world, so they can enslave women and frankly we should not even acknowledge such B.S in their newspapers.

It is is an Haitian thing, and they would not understand.

They are the same ones who are enslaving, raping, killing, dismembering darker skin Africans in the Sudan.

They are stealing young African girls to be their servants, and rape them. I could go on, and on about them. The bottom line is they have nothing to say about President Martelly, or Haiti and should just write a check.

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