Sir Responding to you Note here on BelPolitik We are probally...

Ben - May 4 2011, 11:24 AM

Responding to you Note here on BelPolitik
We are probally connected by tought due the the fact as a Haitian i am very concern and i think you for the connection you feel with me.
What the point of discussing Politik about Haiti in private i am sure you and i does not have anyone in Haiti we could influrence any decission making
No country could isolate themself from another specially our basic need are not meet in our country like food or any other thing.

Ihave a problem when people think other nation are responsable of our misery we Haitian are soleny responsable .ACCOUNTABILITY FOR OUR ACTION IS A GOOD START.

No country in the world is telling us to CACA AND PIS ALL OVER THE STREET.The mentality of Haitian must change, Respect of each other, combat Corruption at all level, and teach our Haitian to love the land that our for father fought so hard to get so we could be free.

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Ben, I do not know you, but we feel connected, Would...

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