Sir I am so sorry you were a victim of your own Gov even i do...

Ben - May 3 2011, 7:35 PM

I am so sorry you were a victim of your own Gov even i do not have anything to do with your Deboire with those 2 non Democrat.

With all due respect sir if i have to reconstruc our country with Corup Haitian past et present I will tell you Thank you very much i do not need to rebuilt the Cathedral chuch with donation from corup Haitian in the past they have blood and misery on their hand.Our NEW PRESIDENT AND HAITIAN WANT CHANGE AND RUPTURE WITH THE PAST. As i understand from our new leader the buz word is rupture with the past that mean new start with new driver at the wheel to guide our country and make us proud and once again be part of the concert ot nation.


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First, How old are you? When you mentioned he is the...

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Ben, I can feel how respectful are you. If you love...

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