As long as the money goes for the schools and not in the...

Marlene Burcky - May 1 2011, 10:58 PM

As long as the money goes for the schools and not in the pokets of the peoples in the goverment If this is the only way He can find the money to give an education to the Haitians it is fine with me
I like President Martelly I give him the benefit of the doubt.

I hope He does not let me down.

I am very concern about the poors in Haiti.

It is more then time for those peoples to have a better life, at least the minimum of everything.

But I am saying again we need security in this country, Mr Martelly has to put in his priority list THE END OF THE KIDNAPERS who are the so call policemen in Haiti He knows it.

I would like to go to Haiti for his inoguration but I don't want to be kidnaped and I will never go to Haiti until all of them are in the Haitian Alcatraz.

with their money He can built a lot of schools for the poors

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