Yves people like you that disqualified haitian education. when...

Amen - May 1 2011, 10:13 PM

Yves people like you that disqualified haitian education.

when you said that haiti have to many illiterate you mean that all those people that are finishing 3rme secondaire are illiterate.

haiti need a revaluation of the system before those that not educated there doesn't have to devalorise our system.

I was ashame when I left haiti in philosophy and come hear and I was told that I have to take a GED. A very good student from haiti and that come from a very good school from 3eme secondaire to philosiphy and that is an english lover will fit in any class at any university level and still doing excellent.Get over yourself we have the same system with canada and france.yes haiti need an army no country ever live without an army. when people said haiti do not need an army its like you telling that you live your children with no suppervision all the time with no rule and you expect that this children to be succes in live

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In Haiti we need to schollar a population of 7...

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