Ben, you right about everything, michel make his first mistake...

Richelle - May 1 2011, 8:43 PM

Ben, you right about everything, michel make his first mistake by pick this supplice guy.I read Supplice resume he involved in many field, therefore can not be honest.

Haiti do not carry honest people, expecially those with past gorvenment resume.

Michel should have put young face who has clean background.

Supplice know the system:how to steal, how to manipulate things to make his own fortune.

Michel will not be able to control him.I would like to see supplice cover letter, how his going to help michel rebuild haiti.

Resume is not that important, cover letter is.He sould have it there for people to see what he has to offer haiti.Its not about make more money or long resume, its about rebuild haiti can he work for free. He been in government for so long make fortune, now haiti needs her kids help. He has to work without pay or for little money to prove to the haitian people he is not after haiti's money.

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Bravo bravo Mr Supplice Right hand man to To...

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