Josline Pyrrhus - April 30 2011, 5:29 PM

Hi Mr Martelly, my name is Josline Pyrrhus I like you so much and I like to present you my sincere Congratulations.

since your presidential campaign, I have been working so hard for you with my suggestions by internet and in the haitian talk show radio in the USA.I even campaigned for you at work with my co-workers.To be honest with you sometimes I was almost fight for you like a real sister.

I want you to know that I adopt you like a real brother.

I like to tell you being a president is not an easy job but with the help of God and good haitians citizens everything will be possible.I'm asking you President Michel Martelly my beloved brother next time you come in America to stop in New Jersey because the haitian community will like to see you in person specially me.I want to tell you I was born in Hinche .When I was fallowing your campaign, I saw you had a special attention for the people of Plateau Central.

Plaise let me know if there is any way I can be in your inauguration so you can save me a seat because I will like to come. Haitian people deserve to have a president like you who can put a smile on their face.May God bless you Mr Martelly.With all my love my brother.Your sister Josline Pyrrhus.

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