I suspect that Daniel has a master's degree in a major that is...

Tiba - April 30 2011, 2:47 PM

I suspect that Daniel has a master's degree in a major that is unknown, but he occupied certain government post/function in the past. I could agree that he has the education and political experience to head Martelly's transition team. However, does he have the "competence, the wisdom, and the know-how" to pick the right people to form Martelly's government?

Frankly, I don't emphasize much on anyone's education level to occupy or to get elected to office in Haiti.

I care much more about the person's competence, wisdom, and the know-how in order to make things happen in Haiti.

But we all know how Haitian government runs and who are the people who make up the government.

They are all friends and family regardless whether these people can read or not, or whether they have any ability and capability to do wonders in Haiti.

And therefore, I am totally sure that Daniel is only going to appoint his friends and family and Martelly's friends and family to be that government.

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