The HAITIAN ARMY PROPOSAL...A Simple Alternative...please...

Yves Gagne - April 30 2011, 5:51 AM

The HAITIAN ARMY PROPOSAL...A Simple Alternative...please comment?

Who are and where are the SMART THINKERS of Martelly's Re-organization Team Work. So far I did not hear about them...did not read about it...and more I have no ADDRESS to reach them.


(college formation personnels with communication expertise in Quake, Hurricane, Epidemic at providing immediate Social Care Services to the population.

So, it means...

replacing the ARMY PROPOSAL and USE of military WEAPONS Investment by:
Investment in:
formation of College Schoolarship Personnel, capable to adapt new intervention technology, having the medical knowledge to deliver Basic Essential Services with effectiveness.

Invest in:
Modern Equipment, Personnel Formation Classes, create Communication Emergency Centres, Supplies Inventory Centres, create all what is needed for the next casualties to come.

"Les Beaux Parleurs d'Haiti" sont inutiles...Regardez derriere vous le resultat...They are not qualified...I do not beleive that we need to feed, dress and pay ILLETERATE SOLDIERS at playing with GUNS...and don't tell me that we need to protect the Country, World Aid knocks at the door to HELP Haiti and our Politicians are talking at ARMY protection.

And you Communication Medias...Why don't you provide Direct Addresses where Organization Planners can be reached...

(I am talking about effectiveness ORG. not..."Les Beaux Parleurs d'HAITI", I already meet too many of those WELL FED lazy administrators.

Please reply, if you have "E Address" of Martelly's Working Committee please forward.

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