Pastor Rivel Dumaine, as for me, i get around 99% of it. The...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 29 2011, 9:16 PM

Pastor Rivel Dumaine, as for me, i get around 99% of it.
The one percent is because of your point "you don't blame Aristide" for dismantling the army.
Aristide did not care about the welfare of the population, as a matter of fact he exposed Haitians to danger just for a president seat.
Alot of good men dies in exile just because they realise the nation most be protected against all sort of dangers.

Aristide loves for the seat causes calamities, miseries,deaths, and Haiti is like a neutral zone between two contries.

I know we cannot live in the past and we most forgive, but as for Aristide he should take the blame for destroying the little Haiti has.
Pastor, i will keep that one percent in my chest, i will not say heart because i don't think i can forgive him for that.
I believe God want us to take our responsability no matter how big or small.

We need a peaceful Haiti where we can enjoy day and night.


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