The last time that I remembered how Haiti was in control of...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 29 2011, 5:04 PM

The last time that I remembered how Haiti was in control of its National territory including, but not excluding Sea, Land Air, Sub- Marine, and Coast Guard that was in services before President Aristide dismantled the military system in Haiti.

Observers of the national and and international entities must see and realize the importance of securing and protecting our national security and interest which is the basic of our national defense.

Many people would agree that a country without a national defense is the walk foot of its nullness.

Like any other countries in the planet Earth Haiti must have its national sovereignty under control.

Meanwhile questioning the need for a military presence in Haiti is a very important issue that must be dealt with in all levels.

Here are some of the most Who, when, why, what, where, and how Haiti needs to establish the proper way to initiate a military after it has been dismantling by Ex-President Jean Bertrand Aristide, dit Lavalas president.

Haiti needs a military force (Men and Women who will defend their country against the internatioanl mafia, but must be trained by Haiti BabyBoomers and The generation X. Each department must be operated independently to force a direct decentralization; they should remain under the Executive power.

Any time that you have a national force trained by the international forces the will always be the puppet of this initiative force.

Dear President Martelly I realized that you are listening to your people and to me as one of you all. You have a very strong back up don't ever worry about doing what is right for the people.

When: This is a military that will answer and assist in emergency situations such as: Hurricane, Tornodos, Earthquake, Patrol the Sea twenty four by seven/ 24/7 days a week. This is a military that must never be interfered with the national policies in municipal and others.

Why: A defenseless country belong to your enemies even to your lowest surboordinates to mitigate in our internal affairs.

By example: President Aristide destroyed the military fearing that they will always mount coups against him brought the occupiers in our soil, I don't blame Aristide for that; it is just a reminder.

A military that will have its own academic entry, mid, and high levels education in all fields of studies to respond properly to Strategic causes.

This is a military that must not have its Headquarters in the Capital that is a no no! President Martelly this is the most important information for your government and all others.

Don't put any machine guns so speaking any type of high weapons should not display in public and should keep in barracks in around the country to protect our national dignity national dignity.

What: In dealing with national defense conflict and to help other countries in time of their conflicts as we always helped them fought their back; the military will be the last to respond to the people's manifestation; where as they must be the first to response in any national threat.

Where: Where would the military be located?

According to the World Environment studies, Military barracks or infrastructures must be placed in the many strategics sites such the Sea-closed Cities or Coastal Department or zones that that can control in and out entries in the national.

How: The military must operate with national budget with President, the Senates and Congress directly specify the creation of law that must accept this force operation.

It must be funding by the Haitian government treasury and securities to guarantee the functioning of their force.

Nevertheless, President Aritide must be called and answered about the elimination of the military ; and most important about the funds that was almost seven billion/ 7000000000 Dollars that disappeared completely from the national Bank of Haiti.

That is not to say President Arisitde was or is responsible for the mismanagement of the funds; he was the exterminator of this military.

Shouldn't he answer to the allocation of this fund, at least he should be called to help in the rediscovery.

To All My fellow, brothers, and sisters online that you can see how much I love and respect you. One day, I had the chance to meet a lawyer, a woman who was in legal meeting, but a white woman and very brilliant, intelligent, and audacious said, " I don't care about people's respect me, but the command I placed upon them to follow".

Do you all get it?

I hope so! Please try to understand the message I brought into the world; don't realize the misunderstanding, but the meaning of it like wise the primitive had.

That is a very hot topic.

I love you my people.

Pray for the President for his courage to say Haiti for Christ For Haiti.

That is a good sign for all of us.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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