We definitely need an army. Minustah gotta go. we have too...

Jynee - April 28 2011, 6:04 PM

we definitely need an army. Minustah gotta go. we have too many young men with no job and no skills.

a lot of these young guys should be incorporate in the army to learn to love and defend their country.

They don't want Haiti to have an army because they don't want us to be sovereign.same reason they don't want to give Haiti any loans, they cancel Haiti debt and declare Haiti bankrupt, yet the US Japan and all these first world country are living off loans.

they don't want us to borrow money to develop the way we want, instead they give these bs aid money to their theiving NGOs and claim to give us billions in aid money.

That money went right back in their pocket and take care of their unemployment issues and purchase their bs products.

we need our army, that way if we get our hand on some drug cartel money, that money can go to Haiti and be used for Haiti business.

instead they want their own DEA in Haiti to intercept and collect that money for USA. plus DR is a big threat they have been pushing in our border for more land and have damage our agriculture.

I remember hearing a story about a plane that drop a bunch of chemical on the banane in Archaie and ever since then, Archaie has been unable to produce as much banane.

people from there said the plane came from the DR. I heard DR tour guides have been charging tourist to take them to see our national treasures Au cap. why should they cross our border and make money off our Roi Christophe monuments.

Also blans have been digging and going all over Haiti in search or treasures, they even steal cannons from the forts.

foreigners are quick to tell us what we do and don't need. This not for foreigners to decide, this is a Haitian matter and most of us agree that we badly need a legitimate armed force to handle internal and external threats.

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