Well, let me put it this way for those who are not familiar...

Ghardy Daniel - April 25 2011, 9:39 PM

Well, let me put it this way for those who are not familiar with the Haitian mindset.

We still have that mentality of tribal leadership, originally from Africa, those in power should get rid of anyone who might dissent or question their rules.

We are living in the twenty first century and it is still disturbing to me that sudden death to us is always the work on someone hating another, voudou so to speak.

In order for us to form a nation that is worthy of its Diaspora elite to return home and help rebuild the country, it needs to be done.
If you look at South Africa, reconciliation is necessary in order for us to move forward.

Most Haitians would lay claim that they love Haiti, how can you love the country and not its people.

We need to start loving and tolerate each other, show them the wrong done and point them to the right direction.

With all of the money that Jean-Claude and Aristide left with, are they happy, they couldn't wait to return home....Like Tabou Combo said "En Exile La Vie Pa facile"
Let's support our President Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly to pull us together to recreate "L'Union Fait La Force"

Peace and Love

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Very well said- Yes Michel is doing right we must...

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