Jean, let's find a way to farm the plains and the montains to...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 25 2011, 7:45 PM

Jean, let's find a way to farm the plains and the montains to feed the people with some good food naturally grown first.

Second housings and health care system, education.

Focus on positives things(like, what can i do to help my country?).

Plainty of things to boost our economy, making incubators to hatch baby chicks for chickens farms,(remember in PAP only consume 1 million eggs a day, presently Dominican Republic is getting richer every day)aslo because Haitians are lazy they want rice, chickens,eggs, limes,plantains, pork,coconuts, cement,flour, animal feed, milk,beer, soap,spare parts, used car parts, from DR.
You never ask yourself ounce, why?


presently, we still go to DR to cut sugarcanes?

farming thier land for them, built their houses, Frank Romain built their best roads and hotels.

By the away, Frank Romain situation is different(the asshole Aristide destroyed is rock crusher and trucks, so he abandoned his contruction company"Haiti construction"and fled Haiti and go to DR which the prez over there received with open arms cause he know Romain is one of the best in road construction.

Focus on yourself and Haiti to contribute good things that will benefit us all.

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With the return of the Tonton Makouts in power, I can...

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