With the return of the Tonton Makouts in power, I can already...

Jean - April 25 2011, 6:08 PM

With the return of the Tonton Makouts in power, I can already smell the blood of the Haitians People all accross the rivers of my coutry.

You have a green light from you boss the CIA to bloodsheding the Haitians that you consider as your ennemies.

Since there is no more communism today, you will pretend that they are socialists or terrorists and then you will get paid for that as the Duvaliers used to do in the past for 29 years.

Maybe, Michel Martelley would do better to ask Obama to release Toto Constant from jail since he was hi dud.
I like Michel Martelly, he looks like a good man to me. My only problem is with him, is his past. If he could be different from his controversial past, he might become a good president.

I don't know if I can even go back to Haiti with Michel Martelley as president.

I think that it is a big blow to democracy.

I remember that cruel list the Tontons Makouts placed at the airport from which they took any opponent to the tortionnaries Duvalier father and son direcly to Fort Dimanche.

( Eloiste Maitre, Boss Paintre, Ti Bobo, Saint Voyiste Pascal, Luc Desir, Madame Marx Aldolph, Zacharie Delva(Men Parraine, karesse parenn), Roger Lafontant, Frank Romain, Michel Francois(Sweet Micky), Roul Cedras, Guy Phillipe, Louis Jodel Chamblain, Phillipe Biambi and so on. My body whould not be enough for those babare carnibalists to devore and make me pay for telling the truth.

I hope that you are not one of them pal.
Je me souvient de la liste des noms que les Tontons Makouts du ministere de l'interieur placaient a l'aeropore pour conduire directement au fort dimanche tout opposant au fameux tortionnaires Duvalier pere et fils.

I whish I could say something better than that but obviously that's how I fell now. Maybe I'll be back to say a better one when Martelly starts proving himself positivly.


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You must be a lunectic to think like pal. It is right...

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