Good Morning People of Haiti! The Day After the Resurection...

Yves Gagne - April 25 2011, 6:07 AM

Good Morning People of Haiti!
The Day After the Resurection?

Do the Power of God is helping you at organizing your offensive..."Men against its Will"
If not...reach the World Activist Groups, now in action, write a Manifest of Democratic Haitian Rights Request, walk the streets of the Capital identify through all Medias the Pervert Dictator Politicians, Bring them to Trail, give them no chances at following their wrong doing.

People of Haiti...there is no alternative...Martelly cannot do anything without a Mass Support of Democracy Rights.

World Aid Support will endorse YOU in your action.

If NOTHING is done World Aid will walk away from Haiti and this is YOUR last chance.


do YOU have the CHARACTER at getting out of POVERTY...the Koreans, Canadians, Vietnamese, Americans, Brazilians and others are helping YOU...It is time that you do something of your OWN.

FORCE OF GOD and determination of the HAITIANS will prevail,

Put behind bars all of the DICTATORS within a same organization, (there is less than 50 members and you are a MASS of 7 Millionssssssss).

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