It was about time I would say more then time, for a leader of...

Marlene Burcky - April 22 2011, 2:51 AM

It was about time I would say more then time, for a leader of Haiti to accept a partnership with the USA .I would say we Haitians who are not interested in enriching ourself with the donation money should also feel happy about that decision
We haitians have also to admit since fifty years the haitians leaders were not able to govern the country in a progressive way, you all so call intellectuals have used the money that was donated to Haiti to enriched yourself.

President Martelly needs the assistance of the USA in order to achive the priorities needs for Haiti.

I applaud him for putting his country frist then his pride.

I am sure, it was hard for him to sign that partnership but, Mr President you did the right thing.

I am sure I will be reading here from a lot of Haitians saying " Martelly gave the country to white men, a lot of craps, I know President Martelly will ingnore them, Those Haitians who will be talking nonsense about this decision are the opportunists or the ones that their brains are the size of a flies
mes compliments Mr Martelly, Maybe before I die my country will be safe enough for me to visit, May God protec you and your family and help you carry that big cross.

You have been in my prayers
Be strong like Obama you have a good start
Sincerly Marlene Burcky

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