Toulimen & Eclaircir great observations & remarks there was no...

Cj - April 21 2011, 11:19 PM

Toulimen & Eclaircir great observations & remarks there was no error with the journalist' questions.

It was setup as such, for any scheduled press conference from the white House the journalists has to turn in their questions prior, Mrs. Clinton should have deleted the question on Lybia and Syria from her preview but she didn't. I will be here to see this time around a true bilateral TRANSPARENTCY...Micky I'm giving you time to take in this new life but very soon you need to be loud and clear and the only to do so is in KREYOL you and I are HAITIANS and so does my mother, my father...your cousins, your grand parents and so on because the Middle-Easterners, example; Suadi and Barhainians are bilingual countries ( English and Arabic ) at any giving moment to world and their people they only speak Arabic.

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