I am proud of you Martelly for defending Haitian interests in...

Toulimen Legrand - April 21 2011, 9:11 PM

I am proud of you Martelly for defending Haitian interests in Washington.

However, Mrs. Clinton has not respected the protocol by answering questions about Lybia, Syria and the Arab world where the focus should have been on Haitian issues.

She does not really trust your intellectual abilities to deliver messages on behalf of the Haitian people due to the fact she only allowed you to answer only one question and after that she ended the press conference.

Once again, Washington continues to insult you and the Haitian people and I feel that you will be a puppet to do their dirty works against the Haitian people.

Moreover, you have articulated the needs to vaccinate Haitian people instead of articulating the needs of stopping the spread of the cholera virus.

The cholera virus is an imported disease to reduce your Haitian population and the vaccine is to contain your people and many more will die soon after receiving that vaccine.

You will bring them under the U.S. population's control and their life expectantcy will be greatly affected.

Too bad, you need to learn your lesson, for Baby Doc would not make that mistake while he was in power.

Nevertheless, you will let the United States contain Haiti in its politics of isolating the Haitian Diaspora and Jean-Claude Duvalier at this time is probably laughing to see you abiding by their will. Your discourse in French in the White House did not make any sense at all. You did it to show them that you are an intellectual person rather you should have delivered your message in Creole like you did it during your vigorous campaign to win the elections.

Delivering your speech in French demonstrates that you are delivering for the Haitian Bourgeoisie and not for the Haitian people.

If you were really proud of your own mother tongue which is Creole, you would have delivered in Creole and 85% of Haitians who cannot speak French would be more proud of you while addressing others in Washington.

You have a lot to do to restore Haitian images.

I wish you could implement a true bilingualism in Haiti to educate all Haitians in order to win their trust for a second term. I wish you good luck and let's hope that you will continue to defend the interests of the Haitian people.

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