This is not the Peasant's response, but the Capitalist. I do...

Jean Ciceron Charlot Charlemagne - April 21 2011, 7:58 AM

This is not the Peasant's response, but the Capitalist.

I do not believe this!
Konfreres Martelly, President Elected, not Micky too depraved which do understand nothing.

This Globalization or Mondialization is fueled by greed a universal aspiration to accumulate.

Moreover, Haiti cannot dare to fall a step behind otherwise, the nation will be destroyed.

The Globalization or Mondialization has constructed a new functional reality, a new order.

People wish they had somewhere else to go, to live. But the only real option is to catch up with the reality by confronting it by comprehending its larger implications, which are threatened the livelihood of our nations that books a different, more ambivalent set of emotions.

The Globalization or Mondialization divide our society into new camps of conflicting economic interest, it cannot have the ability to maintain cohesion.

The globalization, one says mocks the assumption of shared political values that supposedly united our country; which is the main reason politics have become so muddle in Haiti.

The Globalization or Mondialization has set a different tone in the political question where a deeper political instability and insecurity lies. No political official seems to care about the interest of our country.

In this political and economic game, that continues to do injury to majorities of our citizens.

Globalization or Mondialization is finance capital.

Its principles are transparent and pure; maximizing the return on capital control in regards to national identity or political and social consequences.

No one is in charge of this revolution (globalization), it seems itself.

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