Aly Jean-louis, Thank you for your insight. I don't know when...

Toussaint - April 19 2011, 10:43 PM

Aly Jean-louis,

Thank you for your insight.

I don't know when many Haitians will realize that America is not and never will want a safe, prosperous Haiti.

The racist clown thomas jefferson made it an agenda of the united states to see that Haiti never escapes poverty and remains shackled.

These so-called friends of ours are demons in human flesh.

President Martelly, please we beg of you to keep these phonies out of Haiti's affairs.

Like you said during your speech at that Hotel in Florida, foreigners will continue to dictate our lives if we don't cease begging for money.

If they want to help us great, but do not allow them to have a say in how things should be handled.

If that's the only way they will donate money to us for reconstruction, then tell them kick our first black republic ass. Believe me, you can collect more money needed to to do rebuild the country just from us Haitians living in this f..king country call america.

Not to mention all the other Haitians living abroad elsewhere.

We all want to come back to our native land, so I'm pretty certain
we all would give more than one of our paychecks to see that our beloved Haiti is back on her feet again, and be the richest, and the pearl of the caribbeans.

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