Michelle Martelly President of Haiti.

Maryse Walker - April 19 2011, 9:48 PM

Congradulation Mr. President,

As a Haitian having lived abroad for 35 years, it gives me great pleasure to finally
witness a worthy haitian Presidential candidate.

It has allways brought me to tears when I see how devastated Haiti had become, I was only ten years old when i left Haiti, but to me I left Paradise and it is hard to explain to people of other countries what we haitians loved and remembered about our country.but you have renewed my faith that perhaps Haiti may once again shine, prosper and once again become the country we all loved.Mr. President, I wish you good luck, and may god bless you.

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Legend says...

Having Martelly as the President of Haiti make me proud to call myself a Haitian. Iknow that he will use all the resources available to help fix... more »