Here is one of what in the dossier. Haitians factory workers...

Garry Destin - April 16 2011, 9:28 PM

Here is one of what in the dossier.

Haitians factory workers.

One of the most prestigious skills which is sewing get paid $2,45 a day.
From baby doc to preval Haitians have been slaves real slaves of great white owned companies such as sister sister, hanes, Disney and among many others.

These companies strive on keeping Haiti poor.
The Haitian governments have been a brutal temp agency.

They kept their own people poor in order to support their old masters who pay them.
The people get paid upon quotas which they could never meet. These bosses rape them or force them into sexual favors.

One of their most brutal N slave driver is or was Charles Chevalier Jr. Who praise baby doc era for keeping Haitians workers under tight oppression.

I hope Martely will have the guts to place haitian workers among the best in the world and get them compensated for their skills.

stop the slavery run by "N" in Haiti

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